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Counter Terrorist Unit

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About Us

The Counter Terrorist Unit is a unit that helps dispose of the threats of terrorist nation-wide. The unit has two locations:

1. Counter Terrorist Unit Virginia (Washington D.C.)

2. Counter Terrorist Unit Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

Our unit was established in 1996 and is still fully functional today.

What's In It For You

Counter Terrorist Unit

This is the official site of the Counter Terrorist Unit in Virginia. We are a government agency focusing on the capture of terrorists and terrorist-linked organizations. All of our field and tactical agents are equipted with a choice of one out of three pistols: a .22; a .99; or a Glock. Our agents are also equipted with handcuffs, a black Ford Explore, a PDA, a cellular phone (Motorola Razr), a flat-jacket and other necessary protection equiptment. All of our agents, home or field, have a CTU metal badge with the Counter Terrorism Unit logo on it.


Our agents must all be citizens of the 50 United States of America. You may be born in another country, but you must be a registered citizen and have a good background.

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